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Who We Are

Morris Kaye & Sons Furs

The largest fur manufacturer in Texas, Morris Kaye & Sons has been the premier name in wholesale furs since 1935. In addition to creating luxurious fur garments for many of the most well-known specialty stores across the nation, Morris Kaye & Sons sells direct to the public.

Morris Kaye & Sons presents a full range of services that can see you through the selection, monogramming, insurance, storage, maintenance and repairs of your fur. All furs have a lifetime guarantee, and a maintenance protection plan is available that includes all of the services in one convenient package at a reasonable cost. To update the look or provide additional comfort for a favorite fur, remodeling services are also offered.


Carol Glaze

The fur business is in Carol’s blood. Generations of the Kaye family taught Carol the art of fur creation, and she stays up on the design trends through interaction with her peers, attending trade shows, and immersing herself in the fashion world.While Carol maintains ownership of the company with her brother, her primary focus has been the San Antonio store where she has developed a reputation as a designer and an expert in the world of fur design, fashion and sales. She relies closely on her brother’s enormous talent as a furrier/artist to help bring her vision to life.


Joel Kaye

Joel is a third generation furrier, having learned the art from his father and his grandfather. Drawing on over 70 years of experience, Joel, along with his sister Carol, have managed to create a line of beautiful and stylish furs for their clients in Dallas, San Antonio and Denver. He relies on his training to design fur templates, provide clients and designers with advice, and has mastered a variety of sheering and cutting styles. Along with his sister, Carol, Joel has the ability to custom create luxurious, customized furs for their clientele.

He relies on his experience to help build a line of furs that are both stylish and appropriate to clients, climates and customs. With the recognition that, in warmer climates, furs are a status symbol, he travels the circuit of fur shows each year, searching for the latest styles.

Mink is the fur of choice for most customers, but the Morris Kaye and Sons showroom also offers a variety of sable, lynx, sheared beaver, fox and other specialty furs. The showroom displays fashionable fur garments in a wide variety of styles including full-length coats, strollers, vests jackets, reversible leather and fur bombers, and opera capes. Accessories may include hats, headbands, mink teddy bears and more.

Custom-designed furs can be ordered, completed and delivered within seven to ten days. Morris Kaye & Sons finishes each coat with a signature French hem which can be lifted to examine the clean quality workmanship in the construction.