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“Cure Fur Cancer” Raises Money for Cancer Patients with our Annual Fundraiser”

When it comes to fur coats, you likely think of something fashionable with a sense of style that can provide you with warmth and a classy look. But what if you could take your adoration of fur coats and fur jackets and turn it into some good? Attending a charity event that promotes a good cause is always a good thing. The money raised will help those who need it the most.

Cancer is one of the biggest health problems, popping up with no notice in people of all ages, sexes, races, religious backgrounds, etc. When the disease does hit, you may be left with high medical bills and emotional stress that can make it difficult to focus on life in general.

Many people who go through cancer turn to support groups and charities for the support and financial help they need. This is one of the reasons Morris Kaye Furs has established the “Cure Fur Cancer” cause, to help fund kidney cancer research, and help Dallas and San Antonio families pay to travel to Houston for treatment at the M D Anderson Cancer Center. This nonprofit organization has raised more than $250,000 toward this cause, making a difference in the lives of many patients whose lives have been torn apart by a cancer diagnosis.

Each year, the “Cure Fur Cancer” foundation holds a big fundraiser with a fashion show that showcases the fur coats, fur vests, fur jackets and other fur accessories the company offers. All proceeds from this event go into “Cure Fur Cancer” to help even more families of cancer patients to get through this difficult time. The best part is that all of the models are cancer survivors themselves, making their march down the runway a march of triumph over this often deadly disease. Morris Kaye Furs of San Antonio has a strong dedication to the cause due to the kidney cancer diagnosis of a family member.

They are confident in the abilities of the doctors, nurses and staff at the M D Anderson Cancer Center and want to help support other families going through a cancer diagnosis. Attending the “Cure Fur Cancer” fur coats fashion show will allow you to help this worthy cause and enjoy the new fur fashions as well.

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