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Fur Storage

A fur coat is an investment that you will want to take care of in the appropriate way in order to prevent unnecessary damage, and that include both storage and cleaning. A hot or humid climate can do a great deal of harm to your fur. Excessive temperatures, extreme humidity or dryness, and other factors can cause leather to dry out and crack, damaging the fur. Storing your investment in the closet, attic or in the basement is not going to protect it from the elements. When you store at home you also risk the damage caused by unpredictable environmental factors, such as moths, insects, dust, or even curious animals and children.

Morris Kaye & Sons provides full storage for your fur and leather, where our climate controlled vault protects your valuable investment by keeping the environment at a constant, level temperature of 50 degrees and humidity no greater than 50 percent. Don’t rely on an air conditioner that can’t properly do the job! We protect – and insure – your treasured fur coat at a low cost. Give us a call and let us take care of all your fur storage needs.