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Fur Cleaning and Fur Storage: Everything You Need to Know

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Fur Cleaning & Fur Storage eBook

Why You Should Entrust Your Fur to Morris Kaye & Sons for Cleaning and Storage

Whether you have fur coats or any other type of furs, proper care and storage is necessary to keep them in great condition. This includes getting regular fur cleaning and fur storage. However, these services can’t be obtained from just anyone. You need to find a furrier with the right experience. For this reason, Morris Kaye & Sons Furs is the right choice.

Years of Experience

Morris Kaye & Sons Furs has offered their services to customers for more than 70 years. This means their furrier can offer the expertise you expect when dealing with your fur coats and other fur accessories. They know how to do more than make great furs. They can also complete proper fur cleaning and fur repair, as well as offer the fur storage options you need.

A Dedication to Customer Service

At Morris Kaye & Sons Furs, the customer always comes first. Even after individuals buy their furs from this experienced furrier, the customer service doesn’t end. They can give you advice on when to bring your furs in for fur cleaning, how to identify the need for fur repairs and the best time for fur storage. They work hard to make sure their customers understand the full responsibility of fur ownership and how to keep them in great condition.

All the Services You Need

One of the most important reasons to entrust Morris Kaye & Sons Furs? All of the services they are able to offer! In addition to one of the greatest selections in the latest fur fashions, this furrier can help with fur cleaning, fur repair and fur storage to maintain the value of your furs.

If you are looking for the best furrier in Dallas and San Antonio to handle your fur needs, Morris Kaye & Sons Furs is the clear choice.