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About Us

Morris Kaye & Sons is a family-operated company that has been in the business of creating fur products and supplying services since 1935. One of the most respected fur companies in the world, Morris Kaye & Sons supplies fur coats, women’s fur coats and men’s fur coats, as well as dozens of other fur garments and accessories to the best, highest quality specialty stores across the nation. More than that, there is no middle man, so Morris Kaye & Sons also sells direct to the public. With showrooms in Denver, San Antonio and Dallas, the company has a reputation not only as the largest fur manufacturer in Texas, but as a company with the prestige, integrity and commitment to quality to make it be regarded as the best fur manufacturer not only in Texas, but in the entire nation as well.

Morris Kaye Furs

For over 70 years, Morris Kaye & Sons have been transforming fur pelts into works of art for the discerning customer. Experts in their field from generations of learning from artisans and ancestors, the craftsmen at Morris Kaye know how to create perfect, custom men’s and women’s fur coats, jackets, capes, bombers…anything you’ve seen on a runway or in a magazine can be either recreated here, or customized to fit your style.

Joel KayeJoel Kaye is a real furrier: making the templates, doing the cutting and sewing, and making sure each garment is a perfect fit. His precision craftsmanship makes Morris Kaye & Sons a rare find in the fur business. Where other shops send out their work to contractors who actually make their items, Morris Kaye keeps the work in-house, in the hands of a master.

In addition, Morris Kaye & Sons keeps on top of hot fashion trends in the fur industry and fashion world, travelling yearly to fashion and fur shows all over the world, including New York and China. They know what’s hot and hip through diligent research of trade publications, show attendance, communication with industry leaders and colleagues, and keeping a careful eye on the runways.

Contact Morris Kaye & Sons and find out how decades of experience in the fur business can make your purchase of a fur item a truly fulfilling experience.